NY 3Rs Association, Inc. comprises nine Reference and Research Library Resources multi-type systems in New York State.

Members of the nine NY 3Rs include both individual libraries – academic, special, hospital libraries, and public libraries – and other library systems. Additionally, all the public and school library systems in the state are members of their regional NY 3Rs.

The mission of NY 3Rs Association, Inc. is to ensure and support interlibrary sharing of resources – print and electronic – among all kinds of libraries and to ensure equal access to information for all New Yorkers.

NY 3Rs Association, Inc. provides a range of support services to our members – continuing education, access to electronic resources, services to the health care community, consulting, digitizing, information technologies, and advocacy.

NY 3Rs Association, Inc. does collectively what their constituent libraries and library systems cannot do individually, or what can be done better together.

By identifying resources and developing structure and mechanisms for sharing those resources among users of all types of libraries, NY 3Rs Association, Inc. opens worlds of knowledge and information to millions of students, teachers, researchers, and citizens from all walks of life and economic backgrounds.

NY 3Rs is governed by a locally elected Board of Trustees and has substantial input from member libraries through a robust committee structure; and each receives operating and special program aid from the State of New York, along with locally generated funds.

All members of NY 3Rs belong to the New York Alliance of Library Systems. For more information read The New York Alliance of Library Systems: Sustaining and Improving Library Services In New York State in Light of Changing Technologies and Economic Conditions, 2010-2020: NYALS White Paper