I2NY: Information Infrastructure for NY

Collaboration = Doing More with More

Information Infrastructure for New York State (I2NY) is an initiative sponsored and coordinated by the NY 3Rs Association Inc. (NY3Rs). Development included several opportunities for input and participation by leaders in the library and archive environments in the State.

The resulting report, “I2NY: Envisioning an Information Structure for New York State” (May 2013), (get the Complete or Condensed Final Report) named six major priorities. When addressed, these six initiatives will outline solutions to help libraries and archives in New York collaborate and “do more with more.”

Coordination/facilitation of each priority will be handled by the NY 3R Councils, but important to the success of each initiative will be the continuing participation of many members of the library community. Working groups have been formed which will address each of these issues.


Enhancing Access
to Research Databases



Empire State Digital Network
DPLA Service Hub



Library as Publisher



Communications Clearinghouse



Library Assessment and
Return on Investment



Staffing Innovations


I2NY Mission:

To ensure that all New Yorkers have seamless, unfettered, and affordable access to information, through the creation of a New York statewide information infrastructure which encourages collaboration and joint enterprises among the libraries and archives.

I2NY Documents:

I2NY: Envisioning an Information Infrastructure for New York: Condensed Report
I2NY: Envisioning an Information Infrastructure for New York: Comprehensive Report
September 2012 I2NY summit presentation slides and speaker information
Priorities Summary Document (1 page)

I2NY Reality Check groups develop an action plan at their April 2013 meeting